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  • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3

    • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3
    • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3
    • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3
    • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3 workshop
    • Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3 factory

    Product Overview:

    Fipronil Powder is white in color, Fipronil CAS 120068-37-3 Chemical Formula C12H4Cl2F6N4OS, Fipronil is the first pest control product to be used as a raw material. Fipronil Suppliers also supplies raw materials for a wide range of chemical products.Fipronil is the first benzopyrazole used for pest control. Since its discovery in 1987 Since its discovery in 1987, it has been used in a wide range of agricultural and veterinary applications and has become an important pesticide.

    Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3 Attributes

    Product Name: Fipronil

    CAS: 120068-37-3


    MF: C12H4Cl2F6N4OS

    Specification​: 99% min

    Sample: Fipronil Powder

    Brand: Global Chemical

    Appearance: White Powder

    Storage: Cool Dry Place

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Test Method: HPLC

    Fipronil Powder CAS 120068-37-3 Details

    Fipronil Usage and Synthesis:

    Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole insecticide with a broad spectrum of insecticidal activity, mainly gastric, touch and some endosynthetic effects on pests. The mechanism of action is to impede the metabolism of chloride controlled by γ-aminobutyric acid of insects, so it has high insecticidal activity against aphids, leafhoppers, lice, larvae of Lepidoptera, flies and coleoptera. It is not harmful to crops. The agent can be applied to the soil or foliar spray. It can be applied to the soil to control corn leaf beetle, goldenseal and ground tiger effectively. When foliar spraying, it is effective against It has a high level of efficacy and long shelf-life against small cabbage moth, cabbage butterfly, rice thrips, etc.

    Fipronil Powder

    Pharmacokinetics of Fipronil:

    Fipronil has a relative density of 1.48~1.63 and a vapor pressure of 3.73×10-7Pa (2.8×10-7Pa) (20℃). Solubility is: acetone 54.6g/100mL, dichloromethane 2.23g/100mL, methanol 13.75g/100mL, hexane and toluene 0.3g/mL, water 1.9mg/L. The partition coefficient (octanol/water) is 4.0. Stable under normal storage conditions, half-life in water 135d, photolytic half-life in water 8h. stable in water at pH=5, 7, slowly hydrolyzed at pH=9, DT50 is about 28 days, degrades slowly under sunlight, but can be decomposed rapidly by light in aqueous solution.


    Clinical Application of Fipronil:

    Fipronil is a GABA-chloride channel inhibitor that is not cross-resistant to existing insecticides and has good efficacy against organophosphorus, organochlorine, carbamate, pyrethroid and other insecticides. It has good control effect on organophosphorus, organochlorine, carbamate, pyrethroid and other insecticides that have developed resistance or sensitive pests. Suitable crops are rice, corn, cotton, banana, sugar beet, potato, peanut, etc. Recommended The recommended dose is not harmful to crops. It also has extraordinary effect on cockroach control of health pests, such as 2% Shennong cockroach bait and 1.1% Haiyun cockroach bait. fipronil It is mainly used as a pesticide intermediate in crops such as rice, sugar cane and potatoes, and in animal health care it is mainly used to kill parasites such as fleas and lice on cats and dogs.

    Fipronil Package

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