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    Wholesale Organic Reagents from China Organic Reagents Supplier and Manufacturer,High Quality Organic Reagents

    Organic Reagents are widely used in analytical chemistry. Organic Reagents are mainly used in solvents, pregnants, complexing agents, indicators, chromogens, and surfactants. In order to meet various analytical needs, sometimes it is necessary to purify certain reagents, liquid organic reagents Distillation is often used for purification, and solid substances are purified by crystallization or sublimation. For substances with high vapor pressure, that is, to purify organic reagents with low boiling point and not decomposed at boiling temperature, atmospheric distillation is usually used; for substances that are difficult to volatilize and slightly soluble in water, to purify organic reagents with high boiling point or decompose at boiling temperature Vacuum distillation or steam distillation can be used.

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