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    • 282023-04
      The main active ingredients of the extract of C. serpentina contain pinene, camphene, bornyl isovalarate, isoborneol, osthole, cindimine, cnidiadin, i…
    • 212023-04
      Lutein, generally found in leafy green vegetables. Lutein itself is an antioxidant and can absorb harmful light such as blue light. It is found in nat…
    • 182023-04
      Aloe Vera extract is a colorless, clear to brown, slightly viscous liquid that dries to a fine yellow powder. It has no odor or a slightly peculiar o…
    • 282023-03
      Chlorophyllin copper sodium salt is a kind of metal porphyrin with high stability, dark green powder, strong coloring power, bright color, its aqueous…
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