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    Silica Gel, also known as Silica Gel or oxidized silica gel, Silica Gel Raw Materials are white and slightly transparent solid materials. Wholesale Silica Gel Raw Materials from China Chemical Suppliers and Manufacturer.Silica  Gel is divided into desiccant silica gel, adsorbent silica gel, analytical silica gel, packaging and drying silica gel, catalyst carrier silica gel and special silica gel, etc.

    Silica gel is a kind of highly active and porous substance.

    1. Spherical silica gel.
    2. granular silica gel.
    3. water resistant silica gel.
    4. micro powder silica gel.
    5. Select adsorbed silica gel.
    6. blue indicator silica gel.
    7. silicone desiccant for packaging.

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