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  • Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid

    • Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid
    • Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid
    • Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid
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    Product Overview:

    Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 is an organic compound, Glyoxal Suppliers usually also provides raw materials for various chemical products. Glyoxal Liquid is its form at room temperature. The chemical formula is C2H2O2, which consists of two aldehyde groups - C=O-H - linked. It is the simplest of the dialdehydes and is a yellow liquid at room temperature. yellow liquid. Glyoxal is usually sold as solutions of different concentrations.

    Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid Attributes

    Product Name: Glyoxal

    CAS: 107-22-2

    MF: C2H2O2

    Specification​: 99% min

    Sample: Glyoxal Liquid

    Brand: Global Chemical

    Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid

    Storage: Cool Dry Place

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Test Method: HPLC

    Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2 Liquid Details

    Glyoxal Usage and Synthesis:

    Glyoxal is a colorless or yellow crystalline or liquid with deliquescent properties, green in vapor, and burns with a purple flame. Soluble in ethanol and ether, soluble in water. It is chemically active and can react with ammonia, amides, aldehydes and compounds containing carboxyl groups by addition or condensation. Mainly used in textile industry. Produced from ethylene glycol and air by gas-phase catalytic oxidation. Usually ethylene Glyoxal is usually sold in the form of a 40% solution. It is similar to other small molecule aldehydes in that it can form hydrates and the hydrates condense to form a series of "oligomers". Industrially Glyoxal is produced industrially by the gas-phase oxidation of ethylene glycol catalyzed by silver or copper, or by the oxidation of glyoxal with nitric acid solutions.

    Glyoxal Liquid

    Pharmacokinetics of Glyoxal:

    Glyoxal polymerizes rapidly when placed, exposed to water (violent reaction), or dissolved in aqueous solvents. Usually exists in various polymerized forms. When heated, the anhydrous polymer is converted back to a monomer. The polymer is co-heated with p-propenyl anisole, phenethyl ether, safrole, methyl-nonyl ketone or benzaldehyde to give a monomer solution. The aqueous solution contains a single molecule of glyoxal and is weakly acidic. From acetaldehyde and urea, formaldehyde in the presence of sodium carbonate heated condensation to get 2D-resin, used as fabric finishing agent; glyoxal and formaldehyde, ammonium sulfate reaction, cyclic synthesis The reaction of glyoxal with formaldehyde and ammonium sulfate to synthesize imidazole, and then synthesize imidazole antifungal drugs such as clotrimazole and miconazole; glyoxal and o-phenylenediamine to obtain benzopyrazine: it is the intermediate of the anti-tuberculosis drug pyrazinamide. 

    Clinical Application of Glyoxal:

    Glyoxal glyoxal is mainly used in the textile industry as a fiber treatment agent to increase the spinning shrinkage and wrinkle resistance of cotton, nylon and other fibers, and as a durable press finishing agent. In Japan This application accounts for 80% of the total consumption of glyoxal. Glyoxal is an insoluble binder for gelatin, animal glue, cheese, polyvinyl alcohol and starch, etc. Glyoxal is also used in the leather industry and for making waterproof matches. Glyoxal is a raw material for organic synthesis. Hydroxyphenylacetic acid produced from glyoxal has been industrially produced in Japan and is used as an intermediate for antibacterial and vitamin A products. intermediates for antibacterial and vitamin A products. Glyoxal is also used in the synthesis of safranin hydrochloride and sulfamethoxypyrazine, a sulfonamide. It is also used as insecticide, deodorant, cadaver embalming agent, sand type curing agent. It is also used as insecticide, deodorant, cadaver embalming agent and sand curing agent.

    Glyoxal Liquid Package

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