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  • Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9

    • Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9
    • Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9
    • Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9 workshop
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    Product Overview:

    Europium Oxide Powder is a white powder, Europium Oxide CAS 1308-96-9 insoluble in water, soluble in acid, Europium Oxide Suppliers usually provides various kinds of high quality chemical materials, its chemical formula is Eu2O3. The color varies a bit depending on the process. Relative density 7.42, melting point 2330℃.

    Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9 Attributes

    Product Name: Europium Oxide Powder

    CAS: 1308-96-9

    Europium Oxide

    MF: Eu2O3

    Specification​: 99% min

    Sample: Europium Oxide Powder

    Brand: Global Chemical

    Appearance: White Powder

    Storage: Cool Dry Place

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Test Method: HPLC

    Europium Oxide Powder CAS 1308-96-9 Details

    Europium Oxide Usage and Synthesis:

    Europium Oxide is stable in dry and humid air and has a NaCl-type structure. Ferromagnetic and highly resistive substance at Tc=68K. Semiconductor. Becomes an insulator in excess of oxygen Oxygen becomes an insulator in excess. In excess of europium, it becomes a metal conductor. Insoluble in water and alkali solutions, soluble in inorganic acids (except HF and H3PO4), producing the corresponding salt. Absorbs CO2 and water in air Produces alkali carbonates. Europium oxide is used as an activator for many fluorophores. For example, Eu3+, used in colorimetric tubes to activate Y2O3 or Y2O2S, and high-pressure mercury lamps to activate YVO4. In nuclear industry, europium oxide is used as neutron absorber. Store in a ventilated and dry place. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. Care should be taken to prevent moisture and damage of the package.

    Europium Oxide Powder

    Pharmacokinetics of Europium Oxide:

    Europium Oxide is insoluble in water and dissolves in inorganic acids to produce trivalent europium salt solutions of the corresponding acids, as well as in formic acid and acetic acid, and absorbs carbon dioxide from the air It is also soluble in formic acid and acetic acid, and absorbs carbon dioxide from air to form carbonates. Chemical substance with a molecular weight of 351.9262. The extraction method is based on the solution of chlorinated rare earths obtained from the treatment of monazite or mixed rare earth ores. Using P204 - coal The extraction is carried out firstly by grouping Nd-Sarium, and the residue is used to extract light rare earths, then samarium and heavy rare earths are extracted into the organic phase, and then 2.0 mol/L HCI is used to reverse extract medium rare earths. The heavy rare earths were then reverse extracted with 2.0 mol/L HCI to obtain the medium rare earth samarium-gadolinium enrichment, which was reduced by zinc powder, and europium was extracted by alkalinity method, then precipitated by oxalic acid, separated, dried and burned to produce europium oxide.

    Europium Oxide

    Clinical Application of Europium Oxide:

    Europium Oxide is mainly used to make phosphors. It is used to make europium metal and color TV phosphors. It is used as an activator for many kinds of phosphors and is a necessary material for red phosphors. It is also used as a control material for atomic reactors. It is used in color cathode ray tube, color television picture tube, computer monitor, three-color fluorescent lamp and new long afterglow displays, and excited emission phosphors for new X-ray medical diagnostic systems. It is mainly used as phosphor for color TV sets, terminal displays, X-ray sensitization screens and fluorescent lamps. In the glass industry, it is used as a coloring agent to make glass orange-red, to produce radiation-proof glass, and as an additive for quartz optical fiber. For more information about chemical materials, please go to our homepage.

    Europium Oxide Package

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